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It's amazing how it all adds up. We greatly appreciate whatever amount you feel comfortable donating today.

  • A little tight on funds? Consider donating $10 to $25 (equivalent to the cost of a meal).
  • Have a some extra cash to spend and want to pay-it-forward? Donate $100 to $500 (equivalent to a utility bill or car payment).
  • Need a tax write off, while giving us a big boost? Donate $1,000+ (equivalent to a mortgage payment or a big toy).

Where Does My Money Go?

Our mission is to raise awareness and funds to help make effective, nontoxic cancer treatments more accessible to the public, while promoting general health, wellness, and happiness. AWARENESS: As an organization offering educational programs, funds are currently used to develop and maintain the educational content on our platforms and hosting fundraising events. These expenses include the development and maintenance of this website, minimum digital design and production, office expenses, and sometimes venue rental, marketing, and other event specific needs. The goal is to continue to reinvest in our educational programs, platforms, and events to grow So Live into a Nationally known organization, and allowing us to gain maximum exposure for the Treatment Options and health and wellness information. 

FUNDING: Once we gain the proper momentum, we will develop a grant and scholarship program to assist qualified individuals with treatments, of their choice, not covered by insurance.

How Do I Donate?

Here you have a couple of options:

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