What we put in our bodies has a tremendous impact on how we feel. However, in today’s society, we are too busy to truly think about what is actually in the things that we consume. We treat food and beverages as forms of socialization and celebration. Consumption has become the main staple of most celebratory events; even for a happening as simple as rewarding yourself for making it through a rough workday. It is something to do. It is fun. It is delicious. Right?

Well, if you really investigate the ingredients in your consumption choice, how it was prepared, or how it grew so quickly and shiny, you may not not think it sounds so appetizing anymore.

Our bodies are brilliantly designed machines, capable of doing extraordinary things. If we do not properly nurture our bodies, they can become sick, tired, dysfunctional, and possibly infected with disease. The American Cancer Society cites unhealthy diets and tobacco as the main causes of one of the most deadly diseases: cancer.

If unhealthy consumption contributes to the cause of cancer, then why are we not more conscious about what we put in our bodies? In all honesty, we simply do not have the time to research, find, and prepare nutritious foods and drinks. Doing so just adds to our daily stressors.

While it can be a long journey to good health, requiring a dedicated traveler, there are some reasonable choices you can make when it comes to “feeding” your body

For starters:

  • Drink water;
  • Eat whole, organic, and raw foods;
  • Choose home cooked over restaurants;
  • Avoid toxic additives like sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners containing aspartame, sucralose, and saccharine; and
  • Avoid eating processed foods & foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce.

Understandably, some of the recommendations listed above are difficult to follow because they are inconvenient and sometimes costly. But, with a bit of effort and creativity, my friend, you can find a way. If nothing else, consider better consumption choices to be an investment, mitigating expensive medications, time lost, and poor life quality.

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