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LifeForce Research Hospital is dedicated to finding treatments that offer effective, non-destructive means of getting better results for controlling many diseases and conditions. They offer new hope for people with cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and all forms of metabolic dysfunctions. Their research has taken the lead in bridging the frequently conflictive worlds of standard or allopathic medicine and the holistic concepts of metabolic therapy and offers the best of both paradigms. LifeForce doctors work with your bodies’ innate ability to heal, are able to practice individualized medicine taking time to teach and explain to each patient what choices are available to help facilitate healing.

There is more hope today than ever before for patients who face degenerative diseases. Diagnostic and treatment advances have enabled patients to conquer these conditions and enjoy full, active lives. Advanced oxidative therapy combined with experienced physicians provide you with comprehensive, integrated treatment. Also, because LifeForce understands the emotional implications of illnesses, their physicians and staff bring sensitivity and support to each patient throughout the course of evaluation, treatment and follow-up care.

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Amyloxine - Cancer Treatment

General description:

Amyloxine was designed to prevent cancerous cells from being fed, essentially causing it to starve to death, without harming the body. Amyloxine is tumor specific, meaning normal cells have the ability to absorb and transpose the medication, while cancerous cells are unable to digest or expel it. Thus, when the cancerous cell absorbs the medication, it changes mass and therefore alters its oscillation frequency. Once the cancerous cells oscillate at a different frequency than our regular cells, the immune system engages and attacks the cancerous cells. Amyloxine does not change the chemistry of the body, therefore there are no side-effects. This is the reason why Amyloxine passes So Live criteria; it treats harmful, cancerous cells, and doesn't harm healthy cells in the process. In addition, Amyloxine promotes the health of cells by removing irritants and allowing them to heal.


In detail:

Amyloxine was designed to control metastasis, penetrate tumor cells, and inactivate the protoplasm that goes into the cells and feeds the tumor cells. When the nutritional protoplasm is eliminated, the cancer cell essentially starves to death. Cancer cells travel from the original tumor to other parts of the body, then grow into tumors themselves, and/or become paraneoplastic syndromes. Amyloxine controls metastasis by penetrating the cell tumor through the addition of a solvent, which acts as a vehicle to penetrate the tissues to carry Amyloxine to the protoplasm. Amyloxine is tumor specific to the nucleic acid of tumor cells because of its alkaline nature. Normal cells have the ability to absorb and transpose Amyloxine from their nucleus.  Cancer cells cannot transpose Amyloxine.

Amyloxine promotes health by correcting the underlying cause of arterial blockage. Oxygen-free radicals are increased by the presence of metallic elements in the body. They are damaging to tissue because they act as a chronic irritant to blood vessels walls and cell membranes. Amyloxine removes those metallic irritants, allowing leaking and damaged cell walls to heal. This markedly improves oxygen delivery to the cell and the elimination of the waste products of metabolism from the cell. The plaque lining the walls of the arteries shrink and smooth over, thus allowing more blood to circulate. Also, fibroid material is removed. If the plaque and fibroid remain, they act as a net-type material that collect metallic irritants and the process begins again. The blood vessel walls regain their elasticity and respond to changes in pressure more readily.

Amyloxine is of great benefit in several ways: improved circulation; delivers oxygen to the cells which removes poisonous compounds; which improves cell membrane transfer of nutrients and waste; which allows for better mobilization and implementation of all defensive protective mechanisms, offensive weapons against disease and reparative processes necessary for healing to take place. Amyloxine inactivates the protoplasm that goes into the cells and feeds the tumor cells and then the cancer cell starves to death.

Amyloxine is currently available in Mexico and certain parts of Europe.


Dr. Frank Truitt (right) and Dr. Arturo Cavazos (left) of LifeForce Hospital

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