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Where we come together as a community to raise awareness and funds to help make effective, nontoxic, cancer medications more accessible to the public, while promoting general health, wellness, and happiness. So Live is unique in that we are an organization of action, and not hope. Our efforts are to aid existing cancer treatments that successfully treat cancer throughout the world without harming the body. We are aware of at least one effective, nontoxic, cancer medication, and we believe there are more. While it is important that other organizations continue to support cancer research, it is vital that we share education about the better cancer treatment options that are already in existence. Through our mission, we are able to take action now.

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He conquered cancer.

Henry is a man of his family, his family businesses, hard work, and no nonsense. There is not much that can slow him down, not even cancer. In 2012, Henry was diagnosed with bladder cancer. When conventional treatment, Chemotherapy, or unconventional cancer treatment, Amyloxine, became his two options, Henry choose Amyloxine. Henry conquered cancer, and continues in his fulfilling life.

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