The mind is such a magnificent and powerful machine, capable of endless abilities. It can devise the creation of something as complex as the Internet, to something as simple as feeling happy doing absolutely nothing at all. While how we look and feel physically can certainly impact our state of mind (if we let it), with discipline, our mind can affect our physical appearance and health.

This is evidenced in situations we have all likely witnessed. For example, have you ever seen someone who, regardless of what negativity they may be experiencing, always seems to be in a good mood because they are simply happy to be alive? Or maybe you have observed a person whose day begins negatively, causing frustrations, and such frustrations create a domino effect of negativity throughout their day. Nothing seems to go right for this person. We have probably been both of those examples at some point. How we perceive and handle situations throughout the day can affect the rest of our day, health, appearance, and overall life.

Even though we would love to tell you that there is a simple way to achieve a positive mental discipline, just like with any discipline, it takes perpetual practice. Thus, our goal is to try to make better life choices to support a more positive state of mind. While we may not perfect the practice, we can certainly improve it!

Below are some things that we can work on making habitual to incorporate a more positive state of mind:

  • Practice gratitude – this bit of knowledge has been taught by the wise since the beginning of recorded time. Why? Because it works. Being grateful and expressing gratitude for life and all that it offers creates a positive magnet of more things to be grateful for. 
  • Smile – even if you do not feel like it. Not only can a smile physically and mentally change your being in a positive way, it is infectious, positively changing the wellbeing of those around you.
  • Be aware of your mental power – give yourself credit; you have a beautiful mind and existence, capable of many things. Know that you can change your negative state of mind to a positive one just by deciding to. This is a wonderful power that no one can take away from you.
  • Rest – in today’s society, we are constantly on the go with information flooding our minds during every waking hour. Even magnificent machines need to rest for proper functionality. From getting sufficient REM sleep, to simply turning off all of the technology around you, allow time for your mind to rest.

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