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The History of Our Cancer Support Organization

The Inspiring Story of How It All Began

Picture a woman working on a ranch somewhere in the desolate lands of West Texas. Her cheeks are flushed and her brow is laced with sweat from manual labor and the hot sun. Though her face is stern, it’s only in concentration of the task at hand. Inside, she’s smiling with feelings of accomplishment and security.

She loves her family, herself, and her life, although it’s not a life for everyone. Her days often consist of being horseback before sunrise and working through sunset. If needed, she can change a tire, rope renegade livestock, fend off predators, and get home just in time to cook an amazing meal for her family. There is little she cannot accomplish or overcome with hard work, common sense, and perseverance. Can you picture her?

This is a West Texas Woman.

Mother and daughter

Life-Changing News

Now picture a West Texas Woman being told by her doctor that she has 3rd stage colon cancer with only three months to live. Her common sense and perseverant traits tell her chemotherapy is not an option. But at that moment, there is no other option.

Picture another West Texas Woman who has dedicated her life to helping others, through the education of health and wellness, being told by the masses that chemotherapy was the only treatment option for her friend with cancer and that this treatment would diminish, if not eliminate, her friend’s quality of life.

Finally, picture a third West Texas Woman who has been told that she may be limited in life experiences because her pains will increase with age due to physical issues, which have yet to be clearly identified. For this reason, this woman has dedicated her life to not only experiencing the highest quality of life each day possible but to also helping others experience the same. She doesn’t want to miss a single moment.