Our Programs

Raising Awareness & Providing Resources

At SoLive, we are committed to shedding light on the various treatment options and practices that are available to patients and families who are battling cancer and other illnesses. We are advocates of health and wellness and believe that equipping people with valuable information that allows them to make informed choices is the first step in living a long, happy life.

Because there is an endless supply of information available to patients, much of which lacks sources, research, and accuracy, our cancer awareness organization has created programs that offer extensive information and reputable sources that are backed by research.

We offer programs in the below categories:

  • Education: We provide information about existing Cancer Treatment options (both natural and pharmaceutical) which have been shown to be effective and non-toxic, as well as best Health and Wellness practices through our website, social media, and events
  • Grants and Scholarships: We offer grants and scholarships to those in dire physical and financial need to help alleviate these burdens and provide them access to the level of care they deserve