• Barb Stewart
    “In 1998, Barb was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was initially treated with Chemotherapy, but two years later, the cancer returned. Barb was determined to find a "noninvasive" cancer treatment. She had heard about Amyloxine through a friend and decided this was the the treatment for her. Ever since this treatment, Barb has been cancer free and loves sharing her successful Amyloxine experience with others.”
  • Charlotte
    “Meet Charlotte Lacy. In 2002, she conquered 4th stage Lymphoma cancer with unconventional cancer medication, Amyloxine. Charlotte not only conquered cancer, but she has been thriving in life ever since! In 2014, at age 72, she and her husband, Robert joined our So Live crew and went zip-lining for the first time (check out zip-lining video HERE). Charlotte is a true testament to living life to its absolute fullest.”
  • Henry
    “Henry is a man of his family, his family businesses, hard work, and no nonsense. There is not much that can slow him down, not even cancer. In 2012, Henry was diagnosed with bladder cancer. When conventional treatment, Chemotherapy, or unconventional cancer treatment, Amyloxine, became his two options, Henry chose Amyloxine. Henry conquered cancer, and continues in his fulfilling life.”
  • Kenny and Glenda
    “Kenny struggled for many years with clinical depression after the loss of his son, among other things. In 2001, he was treated with Amyloxine at Lifeforce Hospital for his clinical depression. Within months following treatment, Kenny was able to start getting off of his antidepressant medication, and was completely off of all of his antidepressant medication by 2002. Additionally in 2015, their daughter, Mecca, was successfully treated for breast cancer with Amyloxine at Lifeforce Hospital. Kenny and Glenda have now been married for 55 years (as of Dec. 2018). They are grateful for many things, including Kenny's and Mecca's Amyloxine treatments, and the life it has enabled them to share since the earlier 2000s.”
  • Mecca
    “In January of 2015, Mecca was diagnosed with breast cancer. She chose to treat her cancer with Amyloxine at Lifeforce Hospital. Mecca previously witnessed a relative successfully conquer cancer with Amyloxine without negative effects, so she was confident this was the treatment for her. Since being treated with Amyloxine, Mecca reports that she has been cancer free. Because she realizes that many are not aware of this cancer treatment option, Mecca has shared her message to let the world know that there is a cancer treatment available that conquered her cancer without harming her body.”
  • Janie
    “This is Janie Everett. She is a West Texas woman filled with a tremendous amount of love, passion, and strength! In 2009, Janie was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer, and was given only a few months to live. She conquered this deadly disease with Amyloxine, and never looked back.”