Who We Are

SO LIVE, INC. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization formed by a group of innovative West Texas women in 2007. We are mothers, daughters, ranchers, accountants, lawyers, writers, artists, philanthropists, and overall lovers of LIFE. We are alike and different in many ways, but we all have one giant common goal - to promote a higher quality of life. While our purpose is certainly to rid cancer as a threat, we also focus heavily on promoting practices and activities that generally increase our quality of life. For more about our founder's story and the inspiration behind our organization, check out  The Inspiration page. 

Why the name, “So Live”?

With each sunrise that we are blessed to see, we are given the choices: are we living or are we dying? Our organization is dedicated to those, regardless of their personal situation, who wakes up and say: "I want to LIVE!" And in great love and support we reply: "SO LIVE!"

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