Amyloxine Cancer Medication Testimonial w/ Charlotte Lacy

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We, at SoLive, love Charlotte Lacy! Her spunk, faith and zest for life are contagious! Her story is one you will not want to miss…

In 2002, Charlotte was in the middle of her thriving real-estate career, a newlywed to her soulmate, and enjoying life as the grandmother when she received a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis for Lymphatic cancer.

Not knowing of any other treatment options available to her, she initially proceeded with the commonly recommended treatment of Chemotherapy, where she lost all of her hair after her first treatment. Her white blood cell count also dropped to the point of being severely concerned if someone with the common cold was in the same vicinity as her. She wasn’t keen on this treatment route knowing others who had suffered it fateful side effects. But, again, she knew of no other options. 

Then, one momentous real-estate appointment changed the course of her life. It was during this appointment that she was given the infamous VHS tape of Dr. Truitt’s lecture (which is now available on YouTube!). She immediately resonated with Dr. Truitt’s knowledge and description of how his medication, Amyloxine, works and began the patient consultation process.

People who choose to treat cancer through alternative routes often meet well-meaning resistance from loved ones (which is completely understandable). Charlotte’s situation was no different. Her family was scared and concerned by her choice. But she felt she was in alignment with what was right for her and proceeded faithfully. Even her beloved partner, Robert, asked her one final time at Dr. Truitt’s hospital, “Are you sure this is what you want to do?”. Her conviction was a strong Yes.

Two injections of Amyloxine, six weeks of an oral version of the medication and two weeks of another customized version of consuming specific juice based nutrients later, Charlotte went back to her stateside oncologist to have her blood work done and the doctor’s response was, “Wow, you’re cancer-free, but I don’t see your chemo-treatment in your file?”.

To which Charlotte responded, “That’s because I went an alternative route.”

The doctor agitatedly responded, “What kind of crap did you put in your body?”

“I don’t know but the crap you gave me made my hair fall out.”

He then stormed off frustrated.

She called him back (we said she was feisty!) and said “Now wait a minute, wasn’t the goal to heal me?”

He reluctantly agreed but remained frustrated as he walked away.

Undeterred, Charlotte remains a strong advocate for letting people know about Dr. Truitt.

We, at SoLive, know how difficult it can be to share information that runs counter to mainstream acceptance. It’s not easy to face well-meaning resistance or to feel the backlash of someone who’s been triggered by the information. Charlotte could easily live her life not saying a word (and we completely understand the choice to do this), but she doesn’t. And for this, we are forever grateful for her willingness to continually show up and share her experience.

Charlotte felt good throughout her treatment process (so different from her experience with one round of Chemotherapy!) and she continued to live a high quality of life over the next 7 or 8 years before receiving a second cancer diagnosis for lymphatic cancer (but this time it was caught at Stage 3). Lymphatic cancer is one of the more aggressive cancers and is known to come back so this was not uncommon (though the length of time between the diagnosis was).

She immediately returned to Dr. Truitt for treatment and has continued to enjoy a high quality of life for the past 11 years!

One of the common threads through Dr. Truitt’s patients is their will to live. This was evident in 2002 when Charlotte was first diagnosed. She had a thriving career, grandkids and a soon to be new husband to get back to. Part of Dr. Truitt’s approach is to keep people focused on living. It’s also why our founder, Charlene Barnes, named our organization SoLive.

Listen to Charlotte's story, her experience in her own words - here and listen to our interview with her on our podcast here!

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In Memory of Charlotte's soulmate, Robert Lacy