Eating Psychology w/ Tracey Keller

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Eating Psychology w/ Tracey Keller

Fellow board member and Wellness Partner, Tracey Keller, is changing the game when it comes to women’s relationships with food, movement and consumption. What sets Tracey apart from others in the personal training space is her deep understanding of the psychology behind why we make the choices we make. In understanding the psychology behind these choices, she’s helping women heal their relationship with themselves.

Tracey is a life coach, personal trainer and an eating psychology coach, who has been in the health, wellness and fitness industry her entire career, but, a few years ago, a deep dive course on eating psychology changed her entire approach to her work (and her own self-perception).

Instead of approaching heath and fitness solely from the physical elements of monitoring and adjusting what we put into the body and how we expend the calories we consume, Tracey works with the emotional body to understand where a client is coming from in their desire to change the body. In doing so, she teaches her clients how to come into more self-love and innate worthiness.

She empowers her clients to enjoy the process of transformation by first accepting who they are no matter how the body looks. She teaches them to be grateful for all the ways their body has served and continues to serve them. In bringing clients into deeper self-love and appreciation, she’s helping them heal any untrue thoughts they’ve picked up in their life experience.

By helping clients heal their emotional body, the desired physical changes flow more naturally from this healed space. When you come from already loving yourself, it’s much easier to make choices that support the body’s functioning (versus trying to punish it into submission). She says the body is simply responding to us, meaning if we’re cursing it, it’ll rise to the curse. Alternatively, if we’re loving it, it’ll rise to our love and appreciation. This inside out approach to change (versus an outside in approach), allows for longer lasting change in her client’s desired outcome. It also creates a greater sense of inner peace, where striving to manipulate the body is no longer falsely used to feel a sense of peace.

Oftentimes, the desire to change how the body looks is stemming from the idea that it will give us the sense of peace, happiness, fulfillment, worthiness and/or joy we’re looking for. Traditional approaches to personal training only address how to change the body; they don’t address why the person truly desires to change the body. In not looking at (and healing) the root cause of this desire, change is often only temporary. And, worse, the results never lead to the sense of peace, happiness, fulfillment, worthiness and/or joy clients are looking for. Tracey’s incorporation of eating psychology addresses the root cause such that women not only enjoy longer lasting results, but they actually feel the sense of peace, happiness, fulfillment, worthiness and/or joy they were looking for.

For more information about Tracey’s services or to book a coaching session, please visit her Rise2It! Wellness Partners Page and listen to our podcast interview!

Woman with dog smiling at camera