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Pharmaceutical Treatments

Non-Toxic Cancer Medications that Don’t Harm the Body

At SoLive, we are always seeking information about non-toxic pharmaceutical treatments that have an extensive amount of research and testing to back up their claims. On this page, you’ll find updated information about each treatment that our cancer awareness organization has found to be worthy of further research and exploration on the part of the patient.

Current Pharmaceutical Treatment Options

LifeForce Hospital: AMYLOXINE

Since 1997, we have witnessed the remarkable results of the cancer medication, Amyloxine. The Amyloxine treatment is a two-day, outpatient procedure administered in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico at LifeForce Hospital. Patients stay in Laredo, Texas, United States and travel across the border both days to receive injections of Amyloxine. Following their short stay on the border, they return home with an oral Amyloxine treatment and customized dietary regimen. Depending on the type and stage of cancer, it may be days, weeks or months before the cancer starts to dissipate. LifeForce Hospital advises patients to seek confirmation of cancer remission from their stateside oncologist.

In addition to its remarkable results, a notable consistency that distinguishes Amyloxine from other treatments is the quality of life these patients experience while going through the treatment process. Since there are no evidence of Amyloxine harming healthy cells, patients are not laden with weaknesses and ailments often caused by other forms of cancer treatments. Instead, many report experiencing greater strength and energy after their Amyloxine treatment.

Because LifeForce Hospital does not publicize their data, all we can share are the personal stories of those who have received the Amyloxine treatment (see Testimonials), as well as our own experiences. It is important that you conduct your own research before choosing any treatment.

Image of two doctors
LifeForce Hosptial's Dr. Arturo Cavazos (left) and Dr. Frank Truitt (right)

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