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  • Man in suit and in his office

    5 Pillars of Health w/ Dr. Goff

    5 Pillars of Health w/ Dr. Goff At the age of 35, our Executive Director, Shanna Schulze, was surprisingly diagnosed with high blood pressure and subsequently put on blood pressure medicine where her ... Read More
  • Photo of woman in black and white

    Cancer Free w/ Faith, Nutrition, & Nontoxic Lifestyle

    Healing Cancer through the Power of Faith, Nutrition & Chemical-Free Living We were completely blown away by Jerrica Alvarado’s journey from cancer diagnosis to being fully healed! At the tender age ... Read More
  • Hands under water

    Cancer - From Fear And Chaos To Calmness And Clarity - Step 3

    In Step 2 in this series we went deeper into our unconscious beliefs, assumptions and feelings about our bodies and how we relate to life and death. We now have a better understanding of how to spend ... Read More
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