Cancer Free w/ Faith, Nutrition, & Nontoxic Lifestyle

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Healing Cancer through the Power of Faith, Nutrition & Chemical-Free Living

We were completely blown away by Jerrica Alvarado’s journey from cancer diagnosis to being fully healed!

At the tender age of 22, Jerrica Alvarado, mother of two of a two-year-old son and a six-month-old son, received a cancer diagnosis for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). Most people have someone to immediately turn to and share this frightening diagnosis with, but as the military wife of a husband who was about to be deployed, she kept this diagnosis to herself, not wanting anything weighing on his mind as he headed into battle as an infantry soldier. She couldn’t turn to her extended family as these relationships were in disarray at the time.

Finding herself alone with this diagnosis, Jerrica did the one thing she could do; she turned to God and placed her full strength and trust in Him and amazingly had the wherewithal to consider there must be a purpose to this diagnosis.

Can you imagine being burdened with such a heavy load, along with all the stress that comes with it, and not having anyone to turn to, but having the forethought to consider there must be some purpose to what you’re experiencing?

Many would crumble under the distress and (hopefully) rise up through it. But Jerrica stood strong from the beginning, DECIDING not to be taken down by her diagnosis.

Armed with her faith in God’s capacity to heal her and a deep belief there must be a bigger purpose to her diagnosis, she returned to her next doctor’s appointment with the ability to powerfully state: “I do not receive this diagnosis”.

She didn’t know how she was going to beat cancer, but with her full faith and strength in God, she’d decided she would. And with this decision, she began to follow the breadcrumb trail of information leading her down an alternative route to healing her cancer.

Netflix documentaries on alternative healing caught her attention, and down the rabbit hole she went learning more and more about a more holistic approach to healing, beginning with dietary changes as well as getting the chemicals out of her house.

Jerrica remembers grabbing a big white plastic Hefty garbage bag and tearing through her house chucking things that no longer aligned with what she was learning regarding choosing organic food and chemical free household products.

She steadfastly stood her ground (and maintained her faith) when doctor’s wanted to immediately set her up on a treatment plan involving chemotherapy. But she adamantly refused.

When commenting on the strength of her faith, she recalls a moment of doubt where she was down on her knees asking God to heal her unbelief. She fully believed in His capacity to heal, but she didn’t know if He would do it for her so she simply asked to heal her unbelief, remembering a Scripture pointing to this request.

Four months into her cancer journey (not once going through chemo), she went in for a mammogram. The doctor, having looked at her mammogram results, asked why she was even there because the mammogram showed no trace of cancer!

Very human thoughts ran through her head like “was this a mis-diagnosis? Did I really have cancer?”, but she knew God had set her on this path for a reason.

Over the next nine years she’s continued to deepen her knowledge on wellness, becoming a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Today she serves as a health coach and leads wellness seminars, all while trusting God to place her where she needs to be.

When asked about her cancer story, she says it was a short one lasting only four months. But four months under distress without knowing when the journey would end (but believing it would) is still a long experience.

There’s such an inner power and strength that comes with being able to do this, especially when there’s so much fear tied into a cancer diagnosis and a strong collective belief that doctors knows more about the situation than we do.

Whether you’re facing a situation of adversity or not, we hope you’re inspired by Jerrica’s story to reclaim the power you have over what is possible for you. She had power in her faith. She had power over how she received what the external world was telling her (which, in her case, was NOT to receive it). She had power over how she assigned meaning to her diagnosis. She had power over how she pursued her treatment plan. All because she DECIDED things could be different for her. You have the same power through your DECISION to use it

To learn more about Jerrica's story, listen to our interview with her on our podcast here or connect with her on LinkedIn

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