Charlotte’s Testament

Meet Charlotte Lacy. In 2002, she conquered 4th stage Lymphoma cancer with unconventional cancer medication, Amyloxine. Charlotte not only conquered cancer, but she has been thriving in life ever since! In 2014, at age 72, she and her husband, Robert joined our So Live crew and went zip-lining for the first time (check out zip-lining video HERE). Charlotte is a true testament to living life to its absolute fullest. 

This is an email we received from Charlotte after our zip-lining adventure:

"How sweet you are. One thing you might want to do is interview either Robert or one of my children about how scared they were that I was going away from conventional medical wisdom and the fact that they, before the treatment, were afraid that it would be detrimental to my survival. How their attitude changed when they found that the treatment worked. I believe many times family pulls people away from the non-toxic treatment because their families are so against leaving the safety of the normal treatments for cancer. Another thing, my friends were surprised and convinced when Dr. Truitt did not just tell me I was well, but told me to confirm it with MD Anderson.   

Sweet Shanna, just let me know what you need from me. You and your group allowed Robert and I to have a really great time. Thank you again for allowing us to be able to try something we might never have gotten the chance to do. Thanks for the excitement! We had sooooooooooo much fun.  

Thank you also for So Live.  

Charlotte Lacy, Broker
Austin Executive Homes"

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