Nyda's Yoga Therapy

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Nydia’s Yoga Therapy offers unique therapeutic yoga and lifestyle practices that are an amalgamation of physical therapy, movement, and fitness activities developed by Dr. Nydia Tijerina Darby over the last 40 years. These experiences are delivered within small group yoga movement and lifestyle classes that allow all levels of learners to participate. These practices were developed to empower those who are experiencing pain, tightness, weakness and/or loss of function in order to help them improve their whole being for a lifetime. These practices are also geared towards those who wish to avoid suffering the common problems associated with aging and common ailments that arise from uncontrolled stress in life and work situations. Class packages allow the participant to commit to a regular group practice that encourages mind/body/spirit wellbeing. Nydia teaches her clients as much as they care to know about how their body functions and individualize their practice within the small group setting. There is no other studio that offers this kind of experience anywhere else in Texas, the Nation or the World. This is truly a unique place to practice therapeutic yoga delivered by a Doctor of physical therapy who is an experienced movement specialist. If an individual is interested in learning how to care for one of their most precious assets-- their “whole” well-being, then the investment that they make in practicing at Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio is one of the best that they will make over the course of their lifetime.

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